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Peripheral equipment
Fountain Solution Filter System   |   Spray Powder Extraction System   |   SL series Plate Reserve
 Fountain Solution Filter System
Fountain Solution Filter System
Spray Powder Extraction System
Spray Powder Extraction System1.Superluck spray powder extraction system is compatible with any printing machine2.Concurrent dust collecting from up and down or only from down3.Automatic manual shifting convenient and flexible4.Frequency changer adjusts attraction according go the thickness of paper5.Automatic program control, easy operation and non-maintenance.6.New fashioned filtering ...
SL series Plate Reserve
SL series Plate Reserve1. Superluck Plate Recovery unit is for cleaning the ink on the offset printing plate and keeping for future use.2. Superluck Plate Recovery unit operates four process: Cleaning the ink on the plate; Wash out the remaining dirty and cleanser; Gumming the plate; Drying the plate.3. Steam line appearance with solid and anti-corrosion PVC tank.4. Micro computer...
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