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Kodak Trendsetter 400CTP platesetters
Kodak Trendsetter 400CTP platesetters Kodak Trendsetter 400CTP platesetters can not only improve the quality and maximum capacity, will also reduce the impact on the environment to the greatest extent. All quantum direct plate maker for kodak proud square spot (SquareSpot) imaging technology, from the plate photosensitive emulsion layer, version machine, laser energy changing factors. This kind ...
PS Plate Developing machine cleaning agent
PS Plate Developing machine cleaning agent This cleaning agent for a variety of PS plate developing machine CTP plate developer cause stains due to cleaning features: the cleaning agents used in all kinds of PS edition CTP imaging machine cleaning of stains caused by developer.
PS plate Developer / powder
PS plate Developer / powderPerformance This product is used for preparation of working solution of PS plate developer concentrate, can quickly dissolve exposed portions of the PS plate . This product is stable performance, job latitude , easy to operate and is ideal for PS edition copy craft supplies .Developing powder: dilute easy , on-demand access , cost economy.
PS plate
PS plate1, adopting unique extrusion flow coating process, coating smooth, uniform thickness, applicable to high, fine, fine products, printing products ; 2 , the surface is coated with a layer of hair surface air conductivity , improving and proofing film adhesion, shorten the vacuum time , to avoid the halo phenomenon 3, redesign exposure have clear off color,...
CTP Plate Developer
CTP Plate DeveloperInstructions The developer is to use positive thermal CTP coating solution supporting the syrup, when developing for platemaking . Conditions of Use : 23 ℃ ~ 28 ℃, can be washed , the new developer 23 ℃ 35 seconds, and with the aging of the developer to improve the developing temperature , it is best not to extend development time ; new developer can r...
CTP Plate
CTP PlateTaking use of molybdenum compound sand structure of aluminum technology, CTP products can better realize node 1 ~ 99% reduction; Multipoint constant-current oxidation, oxidation film layer is more hydrophilic. Our CTP products for computer direct plate making, has high resolution, high image precision and high reliability and repeatability, achieve high qual...
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