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Precise sheet metal forming
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Power distribution cabinet
Power distribution cabinetThe power Cabinet is made of a single piece of steel plate folded by 10 times, the solid structure can carry a large load, the Es and PS Series can coordinate with each other in size , the general purpose components and accessories can be quickly installed, and the front door can be both single and double opened, which should be above the ground by 25mm, and...
Electrical distribution cabinet
Electrical distribution cabinetThe body and the skeleton of the box are made of ninety percent section bar and the cabinet is weld by special welding tee of high quality, it is of firm structure, reliable and beautiful appearance. Edge of door plank is about 25 mm from the ground, long box fixed on the door is equipped with a circular hole every 25 mm, It can not only strengthen the door ...
Network Cabinet
Network Cabinet1 Comply with ANSI/EIA;RS-31O-D;IEC297-2; DIN41491:PART1;DlN41494:PART7:GB/T3047.2-92 Standard, Compatible with EISI Standard. 2 Reliable Structure, the Large Static Loading Capacity:1000KG. High Density Vented Arc Hole Front&Rear Door, Excellent and Elegant Exterior Design;Comprehensive Consideration of Balances of Ventilation, 3 not less than 65% ...
TV-wall Console
TV-wall Console1 An ergonomic console design strictly followed . 2 overall appearance of the streamlined shape, simple, smooth , modern, elegant appearance. 3 size of each part are precisely calculated according to ergonomic , all corners , edges are designed to arc transition , both to ensure safe operation, comfortable and easy to operate. 4 console according to inter...
Outdoor Cabinet
Outdoor Cabinet 1.The cabinet takes the YF-ES cabinet as the foundation. It adopts the double wall type design. It is composed with main body, roof , the rear panel, the side panel and the base. 2.The double wall type rear panel, the dual side panel, the bolts are fixed by inside. The double wall type gate has the bikini fixing device, after closes the gate has not to be...
Ring Main Unit
Ring Main Unit
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